Flight Lessons

Introductory Flight Lessons: $199

This is a full 1 hr flight lesson.  You will meet your instructor, complete a full weather briefing and thoroughly preflight the airplane.  Once those tasks are complete you will then be ready for your first flight.  Click here for more details.

Weekend Private Pilot Ground Schools

During your training you will learn more information than you can imagine.  Studying to pass the required FAA written exam can be a difficult task.  With our $275, 20 hour weekend private pilot ground school, not only will you save a significant amount of money, but in one short weekend you will leave feeling prepared and confident to take the written exam.  Click here for additional information.

Block Time Discount

Piper Archer ($165/hr)

  • Pre-purchase 10 hours and you will save 5%. This equates to a savings of over $8/hr!

Cessna 172P ($140/hr)

  • Pre-purchase 10 hours and you will save 5%.  This equates to a savings of $7/hr!

Redbird FMX  ($75/hr)

  • Pre-purchase 10 hours and you will save 8%. This equates to a savings of $6/hr!


  • Block times must be paid in advance.
  • Block times must be used within 3 months (unless approval is granted for an extension due to mechanical or weather delays).
  • Unused block time is refundable however, previously flown hours will be charged at the normal retail rate.
  • Block times cannot be combined with any other discount offered by Fly There.


The block rate discounts have been implemented to benefit you; we hope you will find these plans valuable and affordable as you plan your future flights with Fly There.  Please contact us with your questions.