Introductory Lessons

Fly There’s Introductory Flight Lessons are not your typical 30 minute “Discovery” flight. This is an actual flight lesson.  Once one of our Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) performs the take off, and climbs to a safe maneuvering altitude, you will receive full control of the airplane and perform some of the basic flight maneuvers.


What is required to take flying lessons?
There are no restrictions for taking flying lessons, but you will need a drivers license and medical exam before earning your pilots license.

What can I expect during my first lesson?
You should plan on being at the airport for at least 2 hours.  You and your instructor will spend time getting to know each other, taking a close look at the weather and then you will perform a thorough preflight inspection of the airplane. Once you are done with the flight lesson, you and your instructor will return to the airport where the CFI will perform the landing.  After landing, you will partake in a debriefing session and will receive your own logbook with your first endorsement.

In what type of aircraft will I be flying?
Fly There utilizes a 2003 Piper Archer III for introductory flight lessons and primary flight training.  The Piper Archer III is a four seat, 180 horsepower airplane equipped with some of the most modern avionics you will find in training aircraft.

How long will we be in the air during the introductory lesson?
You will be in flight for approximately 60 minutes during the introductory flying lesson.

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